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Keep Singing! 

Jennie  gets people quickly and effortlessly making music together that engages the whole person. Whatever the occasion - from wry humor to the healing of shared sorrow - Jennie can lead you there with her unique gift of spiritual care! 

every song has a story. every person has a song. 











“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  - Mary Oliver 


 A celebrant is simply defined as someone who celebrates the wild and precious in life. Indeed, creating space to mark the important moments in our life journeys is Jennie's truest purpose. She delights in helping clients shape personally meaningful  rituals for crossing life's big thresholds, up to and including:




Song Leader 


Singing is a natural human birthright and can be a deeply meaningful and connective spiritual experience. My teaching style is designed to support a non-competitive singing practice that invites the soul to play. I offer private soulful singing lessons as well as group singing for women. 










Julie Andrews Tribute

Heart Songs

Managing Expectations

Listening for Light 


My one woman shows feature some of the most beloved tunes of the last century while exploring themes of love, belonging, identity, and hope. Audience members are always invited to sing along when the spirit moves them. 



 Singing Chaplain


Jennie Mulqueen

M.Div., M.Ed., B.M. 

Every song has a story. Every person has a song. As a Singing Chaplain, my work is to name and practice what is sacred in our stories and songs. 


My performances and celebrant services are designed to lift up the most meaningful stories in our lives. My group classes and spiritual care sessions create space to listen for, renew, and sustain the spiritual energy that makes us whole. 

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