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about a freelance singing chaplain

With ultimate reverence and humility, I have come to understand my call to a singing career as a spiritual call. As a professional song leader, I weave the disciplines and identities of teacher, celebrant, and singer that support singing and all forms of play as spiritual practice. 

M.Div.  Boston University School of Theology

M.Ed. Lesley University, Creative Arts in Learning 

B.M. Northwestern University, Voice Performance

Certifications: Interplay® Leader (pending), Still Harbor Spiritual Direction, Dalcroze Eurythmics (I), Orff (I), Music Together (II), CPE (2 Units) 


Song Leader

Singing is a natural human birthright and can be a deeply meaningful and connective spiritual experience. My teaching style is designed to support a non-competitive singing practice that invites the soul to play. 

Ask about tailoring a series for your residents and clientele! 

Soulful Singing Private Lessons 

I work with each client to determine a holistic, full-bodied approach as we cultivate a singing repertoire that is both grounding and nourishing. Each voice lesson is one hour and includes a personalized instruction board. 

Sliding Scale: $75-95 Book a Soulful Singing session 

Woman Song 

Celebrating fifteen years, Woman Song is a singing sisterhood for women who love to sing. All songs are taught by ear and there is no audition. A special focus is placed on traditional songs women have sung together and the collective wisdom they represent. We meet monthly in person at the Hingham Cemetery Chapel and online weekly for a Night Song meditation, September 2021- June 2022 Details 






It has been my delight to lead dozens of traditional weddings and funerals in addition to soulful, creative blessingways for life's most meaningful moments. My emphasis is on making time and space for narrative, for hearing and reflecting upon my clients' deepest and most meaningful stories in order to craft a ceremony that feels sacred and true. Finding and leading the right poetry, music, stories, and rituals to share is at the heart of my celebrant work.

  • Welcoming new life

  • Milestone birthday

  • Marriage

  • Divorce

  • Death  

  • Graduations

  • New home  

  • New Job

  • Retirement 

  • Anniversaries



Private Sessions: Hearing My Song

offers a space for soulful discernment on life's big matters: relationships, career choice, family planning, processing grief.  When we make decisions based on our deepest held truths, we have the opportunity to articulate a faith that can guide us with compassion and wisdom. Each session includes quiet, still meditation, deep listening and reflection, and a song/prayer offering.  Sliding Scale $75-95 Book a Hearing My Song session 

Group Sessions: Soul Circle 

Following in the tradition of the Quaker Clearness Committee, in January 2023 I will begin to offer a monthly Soul Circle group as prescribed in Parker Palmer's A Hidden Wholeness.  


Singer (One Woman Shows)


Julie Andrews  Tribute


Thrust onto the stage at an early age with her mother and stepfather, Julie Andrews' life was about arriving early and relying on innate talents to make it through the moment. Ultimately, it took years - through the kindness and dedication of key mentors - before she learned to trust herself.

Sliding Scale starting at $250

Heart Songs

(For Senior Living, Rehab, Intergenerational)

Spanning the genres of folk to musical theater to cabaret, Heart Songs is a customized blend of melodies we hold closest in our hearts, the ones that recapture the most meaningful feelings and experiences. Audiences are invited to sing along and share in the joy of singing from the heart. Sliding Scale starting at $250

Managing Expectations

Jennie's newest project, Managing Expectations, centers humor as being one of our most profoundly effective coping mechanisms in life. An always-changing narrative of personal reflection and critique, Managing Expectations pokes holes at Jennie's cherished beliefs as she stumbles towards the light. (Both Mature and Immature audiences might like this one) Sliding Scale starting at $250

Listening for Light

Listening for Light is an original adaptation of the treasured folk tale Stone Soup. In character and costume, Jennie tells the tale of a wayward caroler who finds herself at a canceled caroling gig in her favorite animal village. Join Jennie in your own community as she searches for the light of joyfully shared traditions in the spirit of pluralism. (For Families with Children ages 3-8)  Listening for Light and Story Play library programs  

Audio and Video Samples


Human Being


The truth is - are you ready for this? -  I'm a human being who was born, am alive, and will die, just like all human beings. Holy bananas! In addition to being a song leader, I'm a single mother of two teenagers Sophie and Atticus as well as a sister, daughter, social justice advocate, and friend of cherished souls.  My truest hope is to continue practicing sacred connection with the blessing of creation and being itself. May we keep singing, all! 

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