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Liz O'Rourke

Liz O'Rourke


Activities Director

Winter Valley & Unquity House, Milton MA 

As the Activities Director of 2 retirement communities I see many engaging programs for our elderly population. Jennie's music and singing takes it to a higher level with thoughtful touches of props and costume. Jennie's rapport with the group and her interaction created a sense of play yet keeps them from feeling childish. She brings joy in every song and they love to sing along. Afterwards they are all smiles!

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Jana Kahn

Spiritual Care, Woman Song

Founder, Family Music Time, Educator, Singer

Jennie is an extraordinary human being, mentor and friend.  It has been my great fortune to know her and to work with her for over 15 years.  Knowing Jennie has led me to meaningful work and the opportunity to experience making a difference in the lives of others.  Jennie herself is passionate about connecting deeply with others through listening, encouragement, patience and kindness. 

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Becky Paul 

Spiritual Care, Woman Song 

Early Childhood Educator, Yoga Instructor, Singer

Jennie has been a mentor for me both professionally and spiritually. We met in
2004 in a Music Together class, at the beginning of my homeschooling journey with three young children. Jennie’s open and enthusiastic nature, combined with her expertise and passion for singing, captured my attention and my curiosity.  She has a positive, caring attitude, a strong and responsible work ethic, and a unique talent for bringing people of all ages together in a common sensory experience.


Melinda Collins 

Song Leading and Facilitation

Management Consultant, Spiritual Director, Chair, Milton Select Board

Music is the language of emotion, soul, and connection; Jennie is a consummate teacher and translator. I’ve had the joy-filled opportunity to work with and be led by Jennie. She gets people quickly and effortlessly making music together that engages the whole person. Whatever the occasion - from wry humor to the healing of shared sorrow - Jennie can lead you there with her unique gift of spiritual care! 

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Cynthia Roberts

Song Leading and Facilitation

PhD, Public Health Evaluator,  Co-seeker, Social Justice Advocate, Spiritual Companion

Jennie’s skills as a teacher, facilitator, musician and singer are remarkable. She is an exceedingly talented human being with wit, compassion, kindness, and humor. Her communication skills, her ability for self-reflection, for honest dialogue, kindness-in-action are visible and appreciated by me and many who know Jennie.

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Woman Song Participants

Song Leading, Facilitation

Survey, June 2020

"I love being connected to this amazing group of women (And you!) through song. We can also never underestimate the importance and power of music and I feel so happy while singing and love that you are providing us a way to keep singing even if by zoom!"


"The spirit, hope, joy..."


"The deep connection I experience with my singing sisters, and my love of singing."


"I like that it isn't oriented toward performances, I like the spiritual but not specifically religious aspect, the other women who show up add to a very kind and caring group experience, the short songs are an interesting and empowering selection, your group leadership with warming us up, breaking the ice, directing us, sharing love of music, adding a spiritual bigger picture connection, is all very well done." 

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